Our Champions

  • Poppa’s Laundromat

    Poppa’s Laundromat is operated by Eldridge Stevens. Eldridge also runs Poppa’s Seafood across the street. 3316 N. Galvez St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-948-9266  

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  • st-mary-of-the-angels-church

    St. Mary of the Angels Church

    St. Mary of the Angels Church was established in 1925 by Rev. John W. Shaw. 3501 North Miro Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 504-945-3186 Visit the St. Mary of the Angels Church website here:

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  • galilee-baptist-church

    Galilee Baptist Church

    Galilee Baptist Church is located in the Lower 9th Ward led by Dr. James Casimier. 1528 Louisa St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-943-4167 Click here to like Galilee Baptist Church on Facebook.

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  • ultimate-foot-care

    Ultimate Foot Care

    Ultimate Foot Care’s mission is to reduce health disparities while promoting access to podiatric care in the community. Ultimate Foot Care 3224 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 To make an appointment, click here or call 504-945-8102. Visit the Ultimate Foot Care website here: Click here to like Ultimate

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  • spiritual-sunlight-baptist-church

    Spiritual Sunlight Baptist Church

    Spiritual Sunlight Baptist Church is currently led by Pastor Brown. 2400 Independence St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-270-7990 Visit the Spiritual Sunlight Baptist Church website:

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  • African Hair Braiding and Beauty

    African Hair Braiding and Beauty is operated by Kliady Tman. 6300 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-327-9132

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  • battle-ground-baptist-church

    Battle Ground Baptist Church

    The Battle Ground Baptist Church was organized on April 16, 1868 and led by Rev. John Anderson. This congregation is currently led by Rev. Eric Dorsey. 2241 Flood St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-248-8594 Click here to like Battle Ground Baptist Church on Facebook.

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  • lower-9th-ward-market

    Lower 9th Ward Market

    On the corner of Caffin and Galvez, in the heart of the Lower 9th Ward, Burnell and Keasha Cotlon have undertaken building the first grocery store since Hurricane Katrina to finally make fresh and healthy foods available to the community. Lifelong residents of the Lower 9th Ward, the Cotlons have

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  • lower-9-resilient

    Lower 9 Resilient

    Lower 9 Resilient is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a stronger, more resilient Lower 9th Ward Community through the sustainable restoration of homes in the neighborhood. Located inside the Greater Little Zion Church 5130 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA 70117 Click here to like Lower 9 Resilient on Facebook.

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  • global-green-usa

    Global Green USA

    After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Global Green USA made a dedicated commitment to the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. In 2006, Global Green broke ground on its LEED Platinum Holy Cross Project, a catalytic sustainable village in the Lower Ninth Ward and the result of an international design competition

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  • girltrek


    GirlTrek encourages women to use walking as a practical first step to inspire healthy living, families, and communities. As women organize walking teams, they mobilize community members to support monthly advocacy efforts and lead a civil rights-inspired health movement. Contact info: 504-272-7640 To find a walk near you click

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  • brandon-the-barber

    Brandon the Barber

    Brandon the Barber is a talented, dedicated barber in New Orleans. He has built a list of exclusive upscale clients thanks to his natural talent, private setting, and his willingness to come to you if you need him to. Brandon dedicates his time to the less fortunate in New Orleans

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  • new-salem-baptist-church

    New Salem Baptist Church

    New Salem Baptist Church is currently led by Pastor Warren Jones. Their mission is to “equip people to fulfill the great commision and provide effective ministry through biblical teaching and training.” 1530 Alvar St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-944-2657 Visit the New Salem Baptist Church website here: Click here to like New

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  • law-street-baptist-church

    Law Street Baptist Church

    Law Street Baptist Church was founded in 1944 and is currently led by Rev. Johnny R. Arvie. 3132 Law St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-267-5241 Law Street Baptist Church website Click here to like Law Street Baptist Church on Facebook.

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  • st-paul-church-of-god-in-christ

    St. Paul Church of God in Christ

    St. Paul Church of God in Chris founded in April of 1980 is led by Pastor Ernest Dison. 1020 Forstall St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-945-1077 St. Paul Church of God in Christ website Click here to like St. Paul Church of God in Christ on Facebook.

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  • greater-liberty-baptist-church

    Greater Liberty Baptist Church

    Greater Liberty Baptist Church is located in the Lower 9th Ward and led by Rev. Calvin Woods. 1730 Desire St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-941-7151 Greater Liberty Baptist Church website Click here to like Greater Liberty Baptist Church on Facebook.

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  • jack-dempseys-restaurant

    Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant

    Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant is a family owned eatery favorited by locals. Specializing in seafood, they focus on providing excellent service and delicious meals at an affordable price. 738 Poland Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-943-9914 Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant website Click here to like Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant on Facebook.

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  • galilee-baptist-church

    Galilee Baptist Church

    Galilee Baptist Church is located in the Lower 9th Ward led by Dr. James Casimier. 1528 Louisa St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-943-4167 Click here to like Galilee Baptist Church on Facebook.

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  • new-orleans-airlift-the-music-box-village

    New Orleans Airlift & The Music Box Village

    New Orleans Airlift is an artist-driven initiative that collaborates and creates alongside the artists and communities they support. Airlift was founded in 2008 by musician and artist manager Jay Pennington and Delaney Martin, a multi-media installation artist, as a response to the unparalleled destruction of Hurricane Katrina and its devastating

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  • the-self-healing-cafe

    The Self Healing Cafe

    The Self Healing Cafe is a coffee shop located in the Lower 9th offering homemade meals. They also offer a line of homemade skin care products: Queen Princess Body Butters. 5000 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-205-8764 Click here to like The Self Healing Cafe on Facebook.

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  • marks-muffler-shop

    Mark’s Muffler Shop

    Mark’s Muffler Shop is an automotive repair shop located in the Lower 9th Ward, opening in 1984. It was the first business to reopen in the Lower 9th after Hurricane Katrina. 5229 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-994-7733 Mark’s Muffler Shop website Click here to like Mark’s Muffler

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  • neighborhood-empowerment-network-association-nena

    Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association (NENA)

    The Lower 9th Ward NENA mission is to empower residents to play a vital role in the neighborhood’s redevelopment. They implement sustainable projects and programs in affordable housing, economic development and education with clear community involvement and direction. 1123 Lamanche St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-373-6483 NENA website Click here

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  • the-city-of-light-baptist-cathedral

    The City of Light Baptist Cathedral

    The City of Light Baptist Cathedral is located in the Lower 9th Ward led by Pastor Najee Johnson. 2334 Tupelo St. New Orleans, LA 70177

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  • house-of-dance-feathers

    House of Dance & Feathers

    House of Dance & Feathers is a cultural museum based on Ronald W. Lewis’ participation in the culture of Mardi Gras. Their mission is to preserve and share their culture with the world ensuring these traditions are passed on to future generations. 1317 Tupelo St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-957-2678

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  • material-life

    Material Life

    Material Life is an arts and retail shop located in the Holy Cross neighborhood offering fine and decorative arts created by African American artists and designers focusing on black subjects. 6038 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-330-4118 Click here to like Material Life on Facebook

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  • Hank’s Meat Market

    Hank’s Meat Market is a locally-owned convenience shop and restaurant serving up Caribbean cuisine. This market is also part of the Healthy Corner Store Collaborative and is now offering fresh produce in addition to their Caribbean specials. 3340 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-301-1676  

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  • tekrema-center

    Tekrema Center

    The mission of Tekrema Center for Art and Culture is the maintenance, development and perseverance of African and African Diaspora art and culture through the performing and visual arts, humanities and programming addressing issues which affect the African-American community, particularly wellness and environmental justice. 5640 Burgundy St. New Orleans, LA

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  • bunny-friend-neighborhood-association

    Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association

    The Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association’s mission is “to stimulate revitalization and building through a comprehensive approach focused on neighborhood rebuilding.” Overarching goals of the association include business and economic development, resident recovery, improving public health, fostering social interaction, and respecting and enhancing cultural heritage. P.O. Box 770167 New Orleans, LA

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  • dancing-grounds

    Dancing Grounds

    Dancing Grounds is a nonprofit organization that brings high-quality, inclusive, and accessible dance education programs to New Orleans residents of all ages and backgrounds. They use dance as a vehicle for developing youth mobilization, embracing health and wellness, and promoting social justice. 3705 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117

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  • New Testament Baptist Church

    New Testament Baptist Church’s mission is to empower, educate, and enhance the lives of people in the community. They seek to develop relationships with other groups who share their causes and want to encourage creation of healthy mind, body and spirit. 1817 Gordon St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-265-8407 Click

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  • lower-9th-ward-center-for-sustainable-engagement-and-development-csed

    Lower 9th Ward Center For Sustainable Engagement And Development (CSED)

    The Lower 9th Ward CSED focuses on coastal rehabilitation, greening the built environment and increasing food security by lifting up and strategically reinforcing community driven goals throughout our work of creating an economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable Lower Ninth Ward. 5130 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 -504-324-9955 CSED

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  • Nola Village Market

    The Nola Village Market is a grocery store and sandwich shop specializing in a variety of goods from groceries to toiletries. The shop offers daily hot plates as well as various types of sandwiches including Poboys. This community store is like a village. People in the community rely on the

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  • Cutting Up On The Avenue

    Cutting Up On The Avenue specializes in men, women and children’s haircuts. They offer barber services for men, including haircuts, linings, trims and facials. They also offer eyebrow waxing services for men and women. 6302 St Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117

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  • St. Claude Internet Cafe

    St. Claude Internet Café offers internet service to the community at a very low price ($2.50 hr.) as well as fax and copy services. They opened the business in 2010 as a safe space for community children. The cafe has a recording studio, a pool hall, chess tables, hardware items,

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  • NOLA Warehouse Outlet

    NOLA Warehouse Outlet is a thrift/outlet store specializing in vintage, retro and antique items. The store opened in 2015, with much fanfare, and an inventory of the best handpicked pieces from storage lockers. They have everything from gowns, shoes, CD’s, various clothing items, wigs, bedroom/living room furniture and more! 5422

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  • progressive-community-care-center-llc

    Progressive Community Care Center, LLC

    Progressive Community Care Center, LLC is a private Mental Health Rehabilitation Provider offering comprehensive services to individuals and families regardless of race, age, gender, handicap, creed, sexual orientation or national origin. The vision of Progressive Community Care Center is to enhance and improve the quality of their consumers who are

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  • castillo-blanco

    Castillo Blanco

    Castillo Blanco Art Studios is a multi-disciplinary creative space housing a stage, a green room, office space and communal work areas, as well as: A contemporary art gallery, The Mardi Gras prop showroom and storage facility of Royal Artists The headquarters of Secret Moonbase Productions The Den of the Intergalactic

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  • private-collections-boutique

    Private Collections Boutique

    Private Collections Boutique has been housed in a little cottage in the Upper 9th Ward of the city since 1988. Owner Roz Kay reopened the boutique in 2007 following two years of restoration after Hurricane Katrina. Private Collections Boutique grew out of a passion for fashion and the desire to

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  • galvez-goodies

    Galvez Goodies

    A life-long Lower 9th Ward resident, Burnell Cotlon opened the Lower 9th Ward Market and Galvez Goodies at the corner of Galvez Street and Caffin Avenue with his life savings after Hurricane Katrina. After seeing the needs of fellow residents being unmet, Mr. Cotlon devoted his efforts to revitalizing the

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  • a-community-voice

    A Community Voice

    A Community Voice (ACV) is a non-profit community organization comprised of working, poor, elderly, women, children, and families. ACV provides a community voice for its members and constituencies in the everyday issues that affect their daily lives. This enables the community to bring together those who have common interests and

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  • baptist-community-health-services

    Baptist Community Health Services

    Motivated by the love and compassion of Christ and in keeping with their Baptist heritage, Baptist Community Health Services provides quality primary healthcare to individuals in medically underserved communities. Featured services include adult medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, and prenatal care. 4960 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-533-4999

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  • akili


    Akili Academy of New Orleans prepares students to excel in rigorous coursework throughout high school and college while strengthening their sense of community. Scholars and teachers at Akili embrace five essential values: Teamwork, Grit, Excellence, Enthusiasm, and Kindness. Akili Academy is located in the newly-renovated historic William Frantz building in

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  • we-serv

    We Serv

    We Serv, owned by Eldridge Stevens, is a food store located in the Upper 9th Ward. Eldrige also owns Poppa’s Seafood located next door. 3319 N. Galvez St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-947-3373

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  • the-renaissance-project

    The Renaissance Project

    The Renaissance Project is “a native-New Orleans, non-profit community development organization that works to improve the quality of life in low-income communities of color by increasing access to fresh, healthy food; improving education opportunities; catalyzing economic development and celebrating arts and culture.” The Renaissance Project offers programs in economic development,

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  • team-happy-foundation

    Team Happy Foundation

    Team Happy Foundation’s purpose to inspire the next generation of first responders through education, mentorship, and advocacy. Program priorities include donating new books to kids in-need, mentoring youth and helping them prepare for hurricane season, and training inmates during job ready and civil rights workshops. The foundation also advocates for

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  • spacewalks-snowballs-and-all

    Spacewalks Snowballs and All

    Owned by Deborah Massey, Spacewalks Snowballs and All provides party rentals for New Orleans residents. Her business is located on Lizardi Street in the Lower Ninth Ward. 5308 Burgundy St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-512-4460

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  • poppas-seafood

    Poppa’s Seafood

    Poppa’s Seafood is an authentic New Orleans seafood and deli. Poppa’s serves large portions of favorites like gumbo and meat pies. 3311 N. Galvez St. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-947-3373 Poppa’s Seafood website Click here to like Poppa’s Seafood on Facebook.

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  • mlk-library

    MLK Library

    The Martin Luther King Library offers a wide collection of books, music, and movies, and hosts many programs for children, teens, and adults. Damian Lambert is the library manager. 1611 Caffin Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 504-596-2695 MLK Library website

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  • lowernine-org is a nonprofit dedicated to the long-term recovery of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the levee breaches of 2005. has rebuilt 83 homes to date, and repaired over 200 more. 6018 El Dorado St. New Orleans, LA

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  • make-it-right

    Make It Right

    Founded in 2007 by actor Brad Pitt, Make It Right builds homes for communities in need of housing assistance. The organization has completed more than 100 homes in the Lower Ninth Ward with more homes in progress. They have additionally built community gardens and a playground. They are committed to

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  • backyard-gardeners-network

    Backyard Gardeners Network

    The BGN is a Lower 9th Ward based nonprofit organization whose mission is to sustain and strengthen the historically self-sufficient and deeply rooted community of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, LA using food growing traditions as a platform to build community, revitalize the neighborhood and preserve the cultural

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  • a-c-s-of-caffin-sda-church

    A.C.S. of Caffin SDA Church

    Caffin Avenue International Seventh-Day Adventist Church is led by Pastor Eliot Brooks Jr. 1029 Caffin Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 901-283-4757 A.C.S. of Caffin SDA Church website

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